The Health ASSESS package includes all the components from Health AWARE but continues to develop programming based on increasing health awareness within the workplace. Health ASSESS includes an on-site biometric health screening to assess cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, height, weight and body composition.

In addition, one on-site health education program will be designed and delivered according to the health risks and/or interests identified in the aggregate health risk assessment report.

The Health ASSESS level also includes an every-other-month eMagazine subscription with current health topics and a 1-minute health video available to employees and family members.

Wellness Programs

Health AWARE

Offers the foundational components of a wellness program in a deliverable model that can be scaled and customized to fit the specific needs of a variety of workplaces.

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Provides more support by assisting in marketing and communicating the wellness program to employees. Includes 1-on-1 health reporting, education programs & more.

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A complete health and productivity initiative that seeks to create a healthy workplace culture. Includes a Strategic Wellness Action Plan and wellness professional.

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Wellness Program Comparison Chart

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