The Health MANAGEMENT package includes all of the components from ASSESS and adds additional components to help provide overall health management including:

  • Assistance with marketing and communicating the wellness program to your employees
  • Introductory meeting to employees with explanations of Programs, Health Screenings and Confidentiality
  • Small group or 1-on-1 health reporting
  • Health risk assessment
  • Biometric screening
  • 2 On-site health education programs
  • Online health education programs including: Smoking Cessation, Nutrition, Stress Management and more
  • Incentive program development
  • Health Culture Audit – a general assessment of the health opportunities within an organization. Provided by a wellness consultant.
  • Data Integration – If available, health claims data can be integrated with the health risk assessment to make aggregate results even more meaningful by comparing specific health risks with actual claims costs over time to help show ROI for the program.

Wellness Programs

Health AWARE

Offers the foundational components of a wellness program in a deliverable model that can be scaled and customized to fit the specific needs of a variety of workplaces.

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More developed programing based on increasing health consciousness within the workplace. Health ASSESS also includes on-site biometric screenings and more.

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A complete health and productivity initiative that seeks to create a healthy workplace culture. Includes a Strategic Wellness Action Plan and wellness professional.

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Wellness Program Comparison Chart

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