Coaching & Seminars

One of the best ways to encourage positive lifestyle change is to focus on individuals and their unique needs. Health coaching involves Corporate Fitness & Health working with interested employees to establish goals, create plans and offer support. Corporate Fitness & Health has developed different approaches about how to reach and engage these individuals.

On-Site Individual Health Coaching

The most preferred method of health coaching as it gives our health coaches a chance to build face-to-face rapport with each individual.  A member of our staff meets in person with the individual to discuss specific questions, help set goals, devise a plan for reaching those goals, and offer support for any personal barriers they may have.

Telephonic Health Coaching

May be better suited for clients who we are unable to be on-site for as regularly.  Our coaches and clients schedule an agreed upon time to talk on the phone and we provide them with the same level of service as we would for an on-site session.

Educational Seminars

The goal of our educational sessions is to provide knowledge in a fun, entertaining way. Our presentations are very visual and cover many wellness topics – from the most basic to the highly in depth. We have a list of topics from which clients may choose; however, we often create new presentations based on a client’s specific interest, need or request. No wellness topic is off limits!

Health Displays

For some groups, 30-60 minute educational seminars are either not possible or not appropriate for their workforce. Health displays allow Corporate Fitness & Health to provide information to employees in a more casual manner. Like the presentations, they are highly visual and interactive. A representative from CF&H is available during the length of the display which gives employees the opportunity to ask questions and request additional information.

Master Classes

Master Classes take our educational seminars to the next level. Not only do they entail more in-depth information, but they also involve interactive discussions and practical exercises that participants can put into action before they leave. Classes can be formatted to single sessions or multi-series programs to allow employees to further develop their newly learned skills.

Why Workplace Wellness?

Workplace wellness programs can be an effective way to reduce the long-term cost of employee health insurance plans and attract and retain talent.