Health Risk Assessment

The health risk assessment is a questionnaire asking individuals about their health history and current habits. The answers to the questions, combined with the biometric screening results, are used to generate a personal wellness report for each participant and company aggregate reports. We utilize these reports to assess areas of risk and build awareness, education and motivational program components.

Individual Health Report: Reports can be mailed to the employee at home or they can be delivered personally by a health professional who can walk through the health report and provide specific feedback for each employee.

Company Health Report: Aggregate results will be shared with management in order to define goals and plan prevention and intervention opportunities throughout the year.

Biometric Screenings

Short health examinations that may be performed on-site to determine an employee’s risk level for certain diseases and medical conditions.

Reporting & Tracking

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. CF&H provides you with the data needed to manage your health plan costs.