Building a Culture of Wellness

Our Wellness Programs are meant to serve as a guide towards the construction of a custom wellness program for your organization. Wellness is most successful when it is developed from within and designed specifically to meet your unique work environment and employee needs.

Health AWARE

Offers the foundational components of a wellness program in a deliverable model that can be scaled and customized to fit the specific needs of a variety of workplaces.


More developed programing based on increasing health consciousness within the workplace. Health ASSESS also includes on-site biometric screenings and more.


Provides more support by assisting in marketing and communicating the wellness program to employees. Includes 1-on-1 health reporting, education programs & more.


A complete health and productivity initiative that seeks to create a healthy workplace culture. Includes a Strategic Wellness Action Plan and wellness professional.

Custom Wellness Programs May Include Elements Such As:

Health Screenings

Wellness Presentations

Blood Pressure

Health Coaching

Employee Contests

Smoking Cessation

Wellness Program Consulting

Our unique knowledge of the fully insured and self-insured markets helps businesses target the risks that drive healthcare costs. With a desire to integrate or coordinate with a client’s other health partners, including the health insurance, disease management and EAP programs, CF&H becomes an integral tool in managing your employee health and productivity.

Wellness Program Comparison Chart

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