Health AWARE

The Health AWARE package is designed to offer the foundational components of a wellness program in a deliverable model that can be scaled and customized to fit a variety of workplaces.

Within the MyWellness Web Portal employees will complete a health risk assessment and have access to health workshops, HealthWise self-care materials, and a complete communications platform for wellness programs. The assessment serves as the opportunity for employees and the employer to check the current health status and provider baseline data and biometrics that can be used in future program development and evaluation.

The aggregate results will be provided along with the basic recommendations on how to continue building the wellness program in subsequent years. There are options for uploading biometric data from physicians, labs or other vendors for inclusion on the personal and aggregate reports.

Wellness Programs


More developed programing based on increasing health consciousness within the workplace. Health ASSESS also includes on-site biometric screenings and more.

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Provides more support by assisting in marketing and communicating the wellness program to employees. Includes 1-on-1 health reporting, education programs & more.

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A complete health and productivity initiative that seeks to create a healthy workplace culture. Includes a Strategic Wellness Action Plan and wellness professional.

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Wellness Program Comparison Chart

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