Reporting & Tracking

Individual Wellness Reports

Individuals who go through our screenings and complete our health risk assessment will have access to a personal health report.  This report gives them a summarized understanding of their biometric numbers and current lifestyle habits.

Company Aggregate Reports

Aggregate results can be created and shared with management in order to create a vision, define goals, and plan strategies for the upcoming year.

Claims Analysis (If data is available)

If a company is able to provide Corporate Fitness & Health with data about its claims, we can provide them with an annual report that can give them a better understanding of which health conditions and lifestyle factors are attributing most to their costs.

Biometric Screenings

Short health examinations that may be performed on-site to determine an employee’s risk level for certain diseases and medical conditions.

Health Risk Assessment

Helps management assess the organization’s risk, define goals and determine prevention and intervention opportunities.