Smoking Cessation

Corporate Fitness & Health helps you reduce costs related to employees who are smokers and helps these employees lead a healthier lifestyle free of cigarette use.

Our smoking cessation program is an on-site multi-week program taught by a certified “QuitSmart” instructor.  The first half of the program is focused on discussing each individual’s motivation for quitting as well as effective “quitting” techniques.  The second half of the program is devoted to picking a quit date, quitting, and then providing support to get through the first few weeks of being smoke-free.

$96 Billion/Year - Healthcare Costs for Conditions Related to Smoking
$4,430 - Amount Smokers Cost their Employers Per Year in Lost Productivity
Medical Charges for Smokers are 18% Higher than Charges for Non-Smokers

Why Workplace Wellness?

Workplace wellness programs can be an effective way to reduce the long-term cost of employee health insurance plans and attract and retain talent.