Wellness Program Consulting

Corporate Fitness & Health’s unique knowledge of the fully insured and self-insured markets helps businesses target the risks that drive up healthcare costs.

CF&H wellness consultants begin by assessing your current employee population and helping you set measurable goals such as less employee turnover, decreased absent days, increased productivity, boosted employee moral, and/or reduced healthcare costs. We then assist you in creating a wellness plan that will help you meet these goals.

At CF&H we understand that employee buy in is crucial to the success of a wellness program. We recognize the importance of asking employees what they want in their wellness plan before we begin plan development. With employee input, CF&H is able to create a program that is in line with employee needs and interests and fosters enthusiastic participation from employees.

With a desire to integrate or coordinate with a client’s other health partners, including the health insurance, disease management and EAP programs, CF&H becomes an integral tool in managing your employee health and productivity. Using partner-based assessment tools, we assist you in developing employee wellness initiatives that will positively impact your corporate wellness plans and overall goals.

Could you benefit from speaking to a wellness consultant?

Custom Wellness Programs

Our Wellness Programs experts will help you develop a program unique to your organization which may include:

Health Screenings

Wellness Presentations

Blood Pressure Clinics

Health Coaching

Employee Contests

Smoking Cessation

Wellness Program Comparison Chart

If you would like to request our Wellness Program Comparison Chart, or to obtain more information, please contact us at 800.123.4567 or info@cfandh.com.