Why Workplace Wellness?

Workplace wellness programs can be an effective way to reduce the long-term cost of employee health insurance plans and attract and retain talent.

Meeting the goal of meaningful reduction in healthcare cost requires an aggressive focus on changing high-risk behaviors that are driving costs. An effective wellness program should provide frequent communication educating employees about the risks of unhealthy behaviors, offer a clear and convenient path to confidential help for making needed changes, and ongoing support from trained professionals.

Corporate Fitness & Health understands that the most successful wellness programs are developed from within and designed specifically to meet your unique work environment and employee needs. Let us help you develop a wellness program designed to engage employees and reduce your healthcare costs.

Poor employee health leads to:

Lost employee time.

Productivity costs.

Increased medical expenses.

Additional strain from chronic conditions.

Health improvements result in:

Cost savings.

Fewer lost work days.

Increased productivity.

Happier employees.

% Reduced Sick Leave by Companies that Implement Wellness Programs
% Reduction in Medical Costs for Companies Implementing Wellness Programs
% More Time Spent Focused on Tasks by Healthy, Happy Employees

Create a Culture of Well-Being

Keep employees happy, healthy and engaged by implementing a workplace wellness program with Corporate Fitness & Health.